Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Gillian Cross

We had a visit from Gillian Cross today!

We have been finding out about her and discovering the story of the Demon Headmaster in class.

Gillian told us where the idea for the story came from. Can you remember who nagged her to write the story?

She also went on to tell us about a story which was set in a tree house. Can you remember which objects the dad sent to the children?
How did they use the objects?

Gillian asked us to draw pictures of a place which would make a good den (hiding place or secret place to play). Some of these are shown below:


  1. Her daughter kept on nagging her to write a story about a wicked demon headmaster.


  2. They used the ladder to get up to a higher piece of the tree and used it as their lookout.

  3. The dad sent an umbrella to put some stuff on it so that you can pull it up.


  4. The dad sent the umbrella because the children said it was raining and they couldn't go to the tree but instead they used it to hold things they wanted to get up the tree.

  5. I am really am intrested about the center of
    the earth and how hot it is. I think it is about 45065347



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