Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy Birthday to the blog!

This blog is 1 year old today.

It made me wonder who else was born on the 26th February.

Wikipedia has a post all about things which happened on this date.

Here are some of the people who were born on this day:
1829Levi Strauss, German-born clothing designer (d. 1902) ...maker of which type of clothing?
1852John Harvey Kellogg, American surgeon, advocate of dietary reform (d. 1943) - Which cereal brand do you think he made?
1928Fats Domino, American musician
1932Johnny Cash, American singer (d. 2003)
1953Michael Bolton, American singer
1986 – Hannah Kearney, American freestyle skier, 2010 Olympic Gold medalist


  1. Happy Birthday to the 3W blog! What a great idea to see who else shares the same birthday.

    I had a look at your weather station. What a great resource!

    Mrs N

  2. Congratulations! It is amazing how good your blog is for only being one year old! I look forward to learning from you for another great year.


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