Thursday, 25 February 2010

How do I get better at subtraction?

We have been thinking about subtraction and also how to get better at subtraction.
We used this sheet

and then thought about which skills we needed, to get better.

We all wrote our own subtraction targets.

Here are some of the common targets:

I need to get better at:
  • learn number bonds to 10 more quickly
  • learning simple bonds to 100 (where both digits of the smaller number are less than the digits in the bigger number)
  • using a numberline
  • partitioning numbers into 10s and 100s
  • writing down my workings
  • understanding what words mean in problems
  • reading the question carefully
  • looking at the sign (operation) carefully
  • learn and use words which mean add, subtract, multiplied and divide.

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