Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Demon Headmaster!

Don't worry Mr Mills, I am not talking about you!

Gillian Cross will be coming to visit school next week.  Here are some facts about her life (her biography).
  • When did she get married?  
  • How many children does she have? 
  • Has she ever been a childminder?
  • Which countries has she visited? 
We watched the first episode of The Demon Headmaster today in class.  It was written by Gillian,  nearly 30 years ago.

Who moves to live with a new family?

What are her foster-brothers called?

To find out more and read some reviews, go here.

If you have read any books by Gillian Cross or want to write a review, please leave a comment.

Here are links to all of her books.

Summary of Series 1, Episode 1 
The Demon Headmaster is very serious, too seriousHe hypnotises children (smart pupils) using his eyes (he normally wears glasses when he is not hypnotising), usually during assembly.  He puts information into their minds. Dinah Glass is  one of the girls, she is 11,  and is being fostered by the Hunter family.  In this episode she starts to get to know how evil the headmaster really is... 

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