Monday, 8 February 2010

We made a movie!

Have a look at our class movie about our 3 day trip away.

Text and pictures: Melyssa
Transitions: Melyssa and 3W
Music: Melyssa
E-safety check: Melyssa
Director: Mr Ben

Do you like the pictures Melyssa chose?
Would you have chosen this music as a backing track? Why?

Panning out and zooming in - we used some great language when describing the transitions from one slide to the other, including many positional words (up/down/topleft/bottom right/diagonal)

Music - it is so easy to add music and it is rare that you can choose music to create mood. A great opportunity to integrate music and writing, photography and ICT.

Esafety? What's that? We made sure that all of the children's pictures in the photostory were not next to the name of the person. We talked about why we do this and the class agreed to let me know immediately if our blog is not esafe for any reason.

Tomorrow is safer internet day...see here for further details.


  1. I like all the pictures because there are funny. I like the music. I laughed when I see Jessica's photo because it was funny.

    from Estelle

  2. samuel & family9 February 2010 at 10:28

    Well done and very cool 3W,especially Melyssa.

    We are impressed and like it very much.

    Samuel and family

  3. We liked photo story because it is e-saftey and we liked the music and the slide show.


  4. Well done 3W it was great!!!


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