Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Demon Headmaster - episode 2

Here are some question (in blue) which we thought about while watching.  Our answers are in red.

What are the main events in episode 2?
Dinah wants to break a rule.  They have a snowball fight.  They shovel up all the snow (with no hats or coats or gloves!) and made a pile of snowballs as a punishment.

Do the main characters learn anything new?
Many children learn about the planets. The headmaster realises that Dinah has a soft spot for Harvey and he is going to use that in assembly.

What does Dinah feel at different parts of the episode? 
She feels a pain when she sees other children being hypnotised.
She feels confident when she tries to break the rules.
She felt surprised that she knew so much about the planets.
She was surprised that everyone knew the same things. 

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