Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Not everything on the internet is correct...Carroll diagrams

Yesterday we tried using the Carroll diagram generator.

As you can see, several of us found that it was incorrect sometimes!
You have to think carefully about what you read. This is called critical thinking.

What should we do?

Should we take the program from our blog?
Should we try and find the maker of the program and ask for advice?
Should we leave the program on the blog BUT put a large warning next to it?

Please vote on the poll on the sidebar.

This week's homework is to use a Carroll diagram program and become an expert.
See these extra links to other Carroll diagrams:
Crickweb polygon sort (2D shapes)
Number sort - from earlier this week...see warning here

Then make your own.
You could draw one using paper and pencil, you could make one using word or publisher, you could make several as a powerpoint!

Ideas for parents to help with making Carroll diagrams on paper or on a big floor:
Tape marked on floor
Printable worksheets and problems
Blank Carroll diagrams to print and use

Then hand in as homework. Due in on Monday after half term.
Sensible option: hand in on Friday before the Half term break

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