Monday, 16 March 2009

Book review

Here's a book review by Rhea. Have you read Heidi?

Book Review


In this story, there is one girl whose name is Heidi.

Heidi lived with her Aunt Dete. One day Aunt Dete said we are going up the mountains to meet your grandfather. While they were climbing up the mountains they saw a boy whose name was Peter. When they reached the mountains Aunt Dete said you have to stay here with your grandfather. Heidi started to have fun with her new friend Peter and looking after goats. The most of all she liked trees and flowers in the mountains.

Then Aunt came back it was time for her to go to school. Heidi was enjoying with Peter and grandfather so she did not want to go back. But Aunt Dete took her to her friend’s house. She had a daughter whose name was Clara who could not walk. But still Heidi missed the mountains a lot. So Clara’s father took her back to her grandfather. Heidi was very thrilled. Then one day,Clara also visited them. When Clara could not find her wheelchair she tried to walk, and suddenly she could walk! All were amazed and happy.

I like this story because it is interesting and it tells us about good friendship.

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  1. Cute....from the viewpoint of a Swiss its nice to address some Swiss stories....


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