Wednesday, 4 March 2009

International Day

How was international day?

What was your favourite part?

Did you prefer the parade?

Was the assembly astounding?

Did World Maths Day make your day? Did you race Mr Ben?

Did the food hall make your belly the ground?

Did you find an expo stand that was really grand!
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Hope you like these photos.
Don't forget to have a go on World Maths Day and try to beat your score. Remember what Jonah and Mark did? They phoned each other and pressed enter the game at the same time so that they could compete against each other!


  1. We really enjoyed international day because there were fun activites in the expo and scrumptious food in the food hall. Even though it was hot, the parade was great fun. Our favourite part was when the students and teachers dressed up in the Japanese costumes and got the photos clicked in the expo.

    Prabhav, Tushar and Khalid

  2. same here i got clicked in the expo to

    so i was saying the expo was very good because we have to past a game to get a present and the bad thing is there was know israel another bad thing is i have to go see ya bye


  3. All the pictures are beautiful.
    The teachers are wonderful.



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