Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Twelve Tasks of Hercules

We have been learning about the twelve tasks of Hercules and have been learning about the parts of a quest myth. This link takes you to a great website which gives a more detailed version of the story. This link takes you to a shorter, easier to read version. It misses out some of the gruesome details.

3W will be performing the Odd myths...not the strange ones, but the odd numbered ones!


  1. I think the lesson is really fun because you get to read the short version and try and make a play,act and communicate.
    from Tahn 3w

  2. I think 3w were acting good

  3. I like to perform to my friends.
    and I am playing Hercules
    best whises
    Gaius from 3w

  4. It is a good writing.

    By Mint

  5. I think 3w and 3c have done a good job on practicing the preformence but i think we still need to work on projecting our voices a little more. I hope we do a great job in the assembly.



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