Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Myths - how can you tell if it is a myth?

We think Myths have some made up parts, sometimes take place in heaven, happened a long time ago, are about famous people, places and things, often have animals like horses, have big problems, have lots of beasts, have heroes and heroines, can be written in cartoon form with speech bubbles, narrative myths use speech marks, have complicated names and have exciting, violent events.
We think Myths don't have modern settings like factories, they have bullet points, contents, have modern objects, like UFOs, cars or planes, have addresses and numbered bullet points.
We think Myths might have time connectives, be set near toilets or in schools, talk about mummies, be funny, have animals and have narrators.

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  1. I think Myth is just someone's secret. You don't know the whole truth, then you thought it is a myth. Once you know and understand it, the myth is gone. Therefore, myth is an appetite for learning. Let's feed it well.

    Pat M. (Scooby's fan)


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