Friday, 6 March 2009

Light and shadow

We started our topic on light and shadow today.

We went into the dark room (the guided reading book area) and took lots of shiny (reflective) things like mirrors, reflective gold paper, tinsel. We then turned off the lights (light sources). There were some lights that we could still see, like the computer screen, the LED lights on the A/C . We turned the computer off. We could not see the reflective materials because there was very little light to reflect.

We need a light source to see things.

We also talked about the pupil (a hole in your eye) and how light shines.

In the classroom we discovered that you can make a really short shadow but shining a torch (a light source) from directly above the pencil. This happens in our world at about midday when our biggest light source (the sun) is directly above us. In the late afternoon the sun is nearer the horizon and it casts a longer shadow.

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