Friday, 27 March 2009

400 Marble Reward, T ball competition, DT (sawing) and Assembly Practice!

It's been a busy day in 3W.

In the Tball competition, both teams did really well. The girls team came first and the boys team narrowly missed victory by 2 points, coming 2nd in the final. Well done to all players - great team spirit.
Some people were writing their plan while other people made their picture frames, using sawing and sticking. No-one was injured!

We then went straight to the hall for a practice of our Herculean assembly.

In our 400 marble reward,we played wink murder, Splat! and musical statues. We then decided what to play in small groups. People were playing UNO, speed stacks, Connect 4 and Glue.

I need a weekend for some rest!

Report written by Mr Ben and Prabhav.


  1. I liked the 400 marble reward,it was fun!


  2. I realy like 3w photos


  3. I was excited before we had the 400 marbles
    reward because we got to play many games.

    by Elliott


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