Friday, 13 March 2009

First Chatroom session - 8am -9am Friday 13th

Well done to Jess, Tushar, Prabhav (and Maisie!) for "speaking" on the chatroom today.
It was a first for me and went very well.  We talked a little bit about problems with eclassroom, but mostly chatted.
Look out for emails early in the morning on Monday about the next chatroom session...We all thought that everyone else was either having problems with e-classroom, hadn't read their email this morning or were having a nice sleep in bed!

Send comments please.

Well done to Jess (1 marble!) for noticing a mistake in one of the maths questions about Bill Bob and Ben...I've changed the wording on the quiz now so it should be right.

Please also check e-classroom for the new units on shape and space and shadows.


  1. I had great fun on chatroom!!!

  2. I never been on the chat room before but
    I will d it on


  3. I had great fun on the chatroom.

    But the bad thing is that Tushar and Prabhav where not on the chatroom that day.

    Yehonatan Cohen


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