Friday, 20 March 2009

Red Nose Day

We had great fun today, especially in the afternoon assembly. Have a look at the costumes we were wearing.
Who is hiding in the bag?


  1. I only heard about red nose day this week. We don't have that in the US (as far as I know anyway). Did you use the day to raise money for a charity? I understand in the UK they were using the money to help stop Malaria.
    Mr. C

  2. Yes we raised money for local charities including Operation Smile. "Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, we create smiles, change lives, heal humanity."(Operation smile website)

  3. This is a great picture of little funny children and did I mention that I was in a place in the last photo and I was in a bad area when the camera went Snap!!!

    Elliot looks really silly!

    Ha, ha, ha



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